Sample Saturday

Here’s this week’s roundup of my favorite blog posts. Enjoy!

Kisses and Kiddos

How to Write a Love Letter – This post at Hot, Holy and Humorous includes some great examples and inspiration for writing a love letter to your spouse.

Our Quick Fix Society – A hard look at our culture’s fascination with “success” and instant gratification instead of the rewards of hard work. (From To Love, Honor, and Vacuum)

29 Days to a Better You – I’d never heard of the 29 Day Experiment method before reading this Becoming Minimalist post, but I really like the concept. It’s a lot less daunting to commit to something for 29 days than to try and keep a “resolution” for an entire year.

9 Prayer Tips for 2013 – A lighthearted post from Stuff Christians Like, with a lot of truth and some great comments as well.


Baked Breakfast Taquitos – I love all things breakfast, and I really like this spin on breakfast burritos from Pink Parsley.

Pepperoni Pizza Mac ‘n’ Cheese – There are so many variations on mac ‘n’ cheese and while I enjoy the fancy gourmet type, I’m very partial to “kid food.” I bet my Little Ones will love this dish from Picky Palate.

Maple Bacon Biscuits – The title pretty much says it all. Yum. (From Confections of a Foodie Bride)

Gooey Butter Cake – I’ve made gooey butter cake before, but the recipes I’ve found always start with a box mix, so I’m looking forward to trying this “from scratch” version from Annie’s Eats.

Just for Fun and Giggles

And finally, because this is just so cute:

Enjoy your weekend!

Sample Saturday

Merry Christmas! Wow, December completely got away from me in terms of keeping the blog up to date. Here’s the roundup of my favorites posts from the past few weeks.

Kisses and Kiddos

Observe and Note – A great practical suggestion from The Generous Wife for making the holiday season even better next year.

50 Ways to Have a More Old Fashioned Family Christmas – A fun list with lots of doable ideas from the Old Fashioned Families Blog

God Can’t be Kept Out – The best Christian response to the Sandy Hook tragedy that I’ve read so far. No politics, no pandering, just a great reminder of the truth of Christ. (from Rachel Held Evans)

12 Steps to Avoid Disappointment this Christmas – Becoming Minimalist’s encouraging post is full of good reminders without being preachy.

Peace be With You – A challenging post from The Daily Stumbler about proactively seeking peace instead of passively “playing nice.”

20 Favorite Christmas Books for Kids – A nice, diverse list of Christmas books for kids of all ages from Simple Homeschool.


Coq au Vin Blanc – This hearty dish from Add a Pinch looks like a perfect winter dinner.

Cranberry Orange & Pecan Coffee Cake – I love the cranberry/orange flavor combination and this coffee cake from Joy the Baker looks like a great breakfast treat.

Chicken Pot Pie with Biscuit Crumble Topping – I made this Annie’s Eats recipe  the day it showed up in my RSS feed and it was fantastic! One of the best dinners I’ve made in a while and definitely on my “make again” list.

Roasted Sweet Potato Risotto – Risotto always seems really hard to make, but it is one of the things I would like to master. This version from How Sweet It Is includes bacon, so that’s one more motivation for me to get over the fear and try cooking it.

Gingerbread Hobbit Hole – You NEED to see this masterpiece from Sprinkle Bakes. It’s amazing.

Homemade Eggnog – Honestly, eggnog isn’t really my thing, but I know a lot of people enjoy it this time of year. Here’s how to make it from scratch, from The Tasty Kitchen Blog.

Peppermint Yule Log – In case you need even more cuteness than the gingerbread hobbit hole, you can click over to Bakingdom for this adorable (and pink!) Buche de Noel.

Just for Fun and Giggles

Slights of the Season – Christmas CakeWrecks!

Giving Open Flames to Kids on Christmas Eve – A classic post from Stuff Christians Like

The “Grumpy Cat” meme is pretty funny, and this is one of my favorites:

Grumpy Cat

Enjoy your Christmas!

Thankfulness Day 26 through 29

Ok, I got really behind the past few days.  Here’s the catch-up.

Day 26: I’m thankful for the simple pleasure of a yummy hot coffee drink on a cold, cloudy day!

Day 27: I’m thankful for date night with Big Man! The kids spent the night with the grandparents and Big Man and I enjoyed dinner at a nice restaurant (hooray for Groupon) and a movie rental back at home. It was a great night!

Day 28: I’m thankful for the way the Little Ones are learning to play together. They love making each other laugh and it is adorable to watch.

Day 29: I’m thankful for a morning spent decorating the house for Christmas! It was the most fun yet this year because Little Man is old enough to understand and was very excited. He kept pointing to different places and asking me to “put Christmas there?”

Thankfulness Day 17 and 18

Oops, I think I forgot to publish my Thankfulness post yesterday.  Here it is, along with today’s.

Day 17: Today I’m thankful that I got to catch up over the phone with a good friend. It was so nice to swap parenting stories, discuss trials and encouragements, and just enjoy each other’s company.

Day 18: Today I’m thankful for the evening mini-date Big Man and I enjoy most days. We put the kids to bed, and then cuddle on the couch with dessert and a fun TV show to watch. It’s a perfect way to relax together and I look forward to it every day.

Sample Saturday

Good Afternoon! There was a lot of bloggy goodness this week, so here’s the post roundup.

Kisses and Kiddos

For Tired Moms – The Generous Wife has a whole page of ideas for helping tired mommies survive and thrive even in the days of busyness and sheer exhaustion. This is a great resource to keep bookmarked and the comments are open for you to add your own experience and wisdom as well!

The Tasks we Give Our Mates – A thought-provoking post on chores and priorities from the Assume Love blog.

The House Our Marriage Built Part 1, Part 2 – I really love this marriage-as-a-house analogy from The Romantic Vineyard. There’s a lot of inspiration and food for thought in this series.

What if Your Child Could Only Learn One Lesson? – I love this reminder of what is truly important when it comes to teaching our children. I just recently found this blog (Simple Homeschool) and I am loving the articles and ideas; it’s a great resource for any parents, not just homeschoolers.

Holy Time: Observing Advent instead of Fighting Santa – While we are not Catholic, I still enjoyed the theme of this article and the practical ideas it offered on intentionally celebrating Christmas with Jesus as the focus. (from Carrots for Michaelmas)


Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup – In case you don’t have your Thanksgiving menu planned yet, here are some recipe collections from great blog: Cook Like a Champion, The Pioneer Woman, and Shutterbean.

Creamy Pumpkin Pie Bars – Joy the Baker presents a new twist on the classic pumpkin pie.

Hasselback Sweet Potatoes – Sweet potatoes are all dressed up with maple cinnamon butter and bacon in this recipe from the Foodie Bride.

Pork Chops with Cranberry-Maple Pan Sauce – I can’t wait to try this one-pan dinner from Pick Parsley.

Red Velvet Cinnamon Rolls – Because who doesn’t need a red velvet cinnamon roll? From The Food Pusher

Just for Fun and Giggles

Reindeer Silhouettes – A fun Christmas craft from The Remodeled Life.

The Holiest Font Ever – Or: how your church can distinguish itself from all those lukewarm churches that use Times New Roman (from Stuff Christians Like)

31 Kids Who are Too Clever for Their Own Good – Funny, and in some cases a little scary (from buzzfeed)

And this is just cute:

via *Very Clean* Funny Pics

Enjoy your weekend!

Sample Saturday

Good Morning! Here’s this week’s Sample Saturday, on time for once!

Kisses and Kiddos

Learning from Failure – I really enjoyed this guest post on the Hopeful Future blog. Lori from Everyday Truth has some solid practical advice on good and healthy ways to handle failure.

We Need the Family More Than Ever – This post from To Love, Honor and Vacuum was the absolute best “post-election” Christian article I read this week.

Managing Meltdowns – The Confident Mom shares a few different strategies for dealing with temper tantrums.


Turkey Tester Throwdown – If you are wondering how to cook your turkey for Thanksgiving, The Foodie Bride has already done the work of comparing two popular methods and their results! Check out her post for all the details, and some drool-worthy turkey photos.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake – The classic “cookie-in-a-pie-plate” recipe, perfectly sized down by Christina at Dessert for Two.

Pizza Nachos – Pizza plus nachos; what more needs to be said? (From Tasty Kitchen)

No-Rise Banana Nut Sticky Buns- Is it bad that I’m purposely letting some bananas get overly ripe just to make this breakfast treat from Bakingdom? I don’t think so. :)

Just for Fun and Giggles

Dear IT, I owe you an apology – Yes, you can add me to the list of people who have lied to IT, just like Jon from Stuff Christians Like.

The big news of Disney buying Star Wars spawned thousands of fun mash-up comics this past week. Here are a couple of my favorites:

from *Very Clean* Funny pics

from Austin Madison via GeekTyrant

Enjoy your weekend!