"Homekeeping": My definition

What exactly is homekeeping?  Well, I made up the term (at least I think I did), so I guess I get to define it.  When I quit my job to stay at home I thought about what to call myself. Stay at home mom? Well yeah, but I am a wife too.  Homemaker? Cool, but too 1950’s. I don’t exactly cook dinner in high heels and pearls. Domestic goddess?  Yeah right.  A domestic goddess wouldn’t have toys covering the living room floor and would actually iron clothes. So. . .homekeeper.  To me, keeping a home involves everything I consider my job: loving my husband and kids, cooking for them, cleaning the house, and trying to create a home that is a place my family prefers to be. A place of love, laughs, and rest. A place that is a sanctuary from the hard parts of the rest of the world. A place centered around Christ and what I believe He created a family to be.

Homekeeping isn’t glamorous. My home looks nothing like the ones on HGTV. My cooking doesn’t come close to Food Network-worthy. My kids aren’t dressed up all the time like the ones in the Gerber commercials.  And clearly I watch too much TV.

My day-to-day reality includes some great triumphs, some epic fails, and mostly lots of in-between. I know I won’t have a picture perfect house with perfectly behaved kids and red-hot romance with Big Man all the time. I probably won’t even have all three of those things on the same day! But if I can keep a home that makes my family happy then I will have succeeded.

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