One of Those Days. . .

Yesterday was one of “those” days in a big way. Afternoon set in and Little Lady decided she didn’t want to nap at all and would cry unless she was being held.  Little Man is teething molars so he was grumpy anyway and seeing his sister get all the attention turned him into VelcroMan. VelcroMan has the superpower of being constantly stuck to Mommy. So the afternoon was long. And stressful. And long.

The plan to cook dinner was out the window by about 2:00. If I was going to do anything in the kitchen it would be making a pan of brownies and eating most of it myself after Little Man went to bed. I spent the afternoon carrying Little Lady around with Little Man hanging onto my leg and thinking about chocolate and Big Man getting home to help me out. Ideally, I would like home to be a place of peace and quiet where Big Man can relax after his long day at work and enjoy good food, sweet cuddly kids, and a happy, sexy wife. In reality, there are days when he comes home from work only to have to deal with grumpy kids and me being stressed out and just DONE and needing his help a lot.

Here is where the blessing comes in. Big Man is my hero. He came home from a stressful and busy day at work and took over for me with no complaints. He carried Little Lady around and got her to go to sleep.  He fed Little Man dinner. He ordered Chinese take-out for me because I said it sounded good. He encouraged me and hugged me and sacrificed his own preferences to help me. Big Man is the greatest earthly blessing God has given me and days like yesterday remind me of that. So while “those days” may be pretty much homekeeping failures they serve a purpose, at least to me. They remind me of grace. Big Man redeemed a bad day. He made up for my shortcomings and gave me a good evening. And that reminded me of everything Christ has done for me. He redeemed my life and blessed me far beyond what I deserve. So thank you, Big Man, for being my husband and modeling Christ’s love. And thank you, Jesus, for my salvation and my family.

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