Maybe I am biased, but I think know our kids are the cutest kids in the history of the world. True story. Since I am overly cautious and don’t post pictures of the kids on the Internet (thus the picture of our cat), you’ll just have to take my word for it. It’s a good thing God made little ones cute. It is the defense mechanism that prevents parents from tossing them out the window after hours of crying and no sleep. Cuteness is what gets me though those times when I just want to lock the kids in the house and escape to somewhere else. Anywhere else. As long as there are no kids there.

But the cuteness prevails. Little Lady discovered her feet this morning. She was sitting in her swing and one foot came into her line of site and she thought it was awesome. She wiggled her foot around and watched it for a full half hour. Wiggling foot = most interesting thing ever. Must. not. stop. watching.

Little Man has his cute moments too. He followed Big Man into the house after work the other day and stole Big Man’s hat and sunglasses. He proceeded to put the hat on his head and attempt to get the glasses to stay on his face. Then he looked at us with his “Look what I did” face. I look just like Daddy! I am awesome!

Thank you, God, for the cuteness. It makes me smile even when I don’t want to. It makes me love being a homekeeper. And it reminds me how blessed I am to be Mommy to the Little Ones.

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