Just Keep Swimming. . .

One of Little Man’s favorite movies is Finding Nemo. Consequently, I nearly have the entire thing memorized from watching it so much. That’s OK, I love the movie too, especially the strong dad-son connection that is the main part of the story. Since I have the movie in my head most of the time there is usually at least one thing that happens every day that reminds me of some line or scene from Nemo.  This weekend, it was all about Dory’s advice, given in that little sing-song chant, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. . .”

This weekend was a little rough. Nothing I did looked remotely like homekeeping, since I pretty much just stayed on the couch and didn’t cook or clean or do anything special with the kids or Big Man. I wasn’t feeling well most of the time, so Big Man gave up his rest-time to take care of me and the kids. Especially Sunday when Little Lady was very needy. It was one of those downward spirals for me: I didn’t feel well, then I felt guilty that Big Man didn’t get a break because he was picking up my slack, which made me feel worse, and so on.

I tend to obsess a little when things don’t go as I anticipate or think they should. I get all upset over something like this weekend that was less restful than it “should have been.” But one of the many things I love about Big Man is that he is my link back to reality. He reminds me what is truly important and is teaching me to get a better perspective about the little things. He was my rock this weekend, taking care of everything and assuring me that having a “bad” weekend is OK. We have two young kids. Sometimes it’s just about dealing with whatever is going on and keeping a good attitude about it.

So when I am acting like Marlin, freaking out over all the little things, Big Man is like Dory, reminding me that sometimes life is about just making it through. Just keep swimming.


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