Project Pastry Queen: King Ranch Casserole

I just recently discovered the Project Pastry Queen group and this is my first recipe from the project. In the spirit of full disclosure, I will say that I changed the recipe some to make it easier for myself. I used boxed chicken stock and the shredded meat from two chicken breasts that I roasted in the oven. I also couldn’t find New Mexico chilies at my grocery store (I think they are just heading out of season), and honestly I was too lazy to roast my own chilies anyway, so I used a can of mild fire roasted green chilies.

That being said, Big Man and I loved this dish. It was hearty and filling with just the right spice level. I really liked how thick and creamy the filling was even though it didn’t have any condensed soup like most similar casseroles. I even liked the mushrooms, and I am in general a hater of cooked mushrooms. Overall, this recipe was a big success and one I will definitely make again.

This PPQ recipe was hosted by Jody, so head over here to see the full recipe




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