The past few days have been rough. Little Man has a cold and Little Lady has been off her sleep cycle somewhat. Big Man and I haven’t gotten a lot of sleep and the stress level in the house has been pretty high. And I know it will be better in a few days and that this is just one of those times that Homekeeping is a really hard job. I know that having hard days doesn’t change the fact that our family is incredibly blessed. I know that I can and should choose to be joyful and I am working on it. But on days when I’m really pushed to my limit, cliche solutions aren’t gonna cut it. Seriously, if I ever meet the inventor of the “Hang In There” Kitten Poster, I think I will punch them in the face.

I also know I can’t be the only homekeeper out there who has days like this. So here is my list of “pick-yourself-up-and-get-back-on-the-horse-with-a-smile” things.

  • Brownies or Almond M&Ms (duh. chocolate. self-explanatory.)
  • Hugs and kisses with Big Man (again, duh.)
  • Failblog (because nothing raises the spirit like making fun of others)
  • Window shopping on Amazon (because putting things on a wishlist is free!)
  • Might-as-well-eat-a-candy-bar-coffee. (Froo-froo Starbucks drink or my at-home version: Sugar, dark chocolate syrup, half-and-half, and just enough coffee to fill the rest of the mug)
  • Painting my toenails (pretty toenails = happiness)
  • Comedy movies/TV shows: The Princess Bride, Psych, or this (credit to Big Man on the last one because he is the one who found it first)
  • Sudoku
  • Romantic movies: Up!, or this (that’s right, no Matthew McConaughey. Guess I’m not as predictable as the chocolate and painted toenails would lead you to believe)
  • Online gaming: World of Warcraft or Lord of the Rings (geek-ness FTW!)
  • Yummy-scented bubble bath or lotion (LUSH, anyone?)
  • And again, chocolate.

So there it is. My arsenal of weapons to take out any pity-party that tries to pop up. What’s on your list?


Comments are welcome, please participate!

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