Little Moments

I think the small seemingly insignificant moments in life are just as important as the big occasions with all the fanfare. It’s easier to remember the big things, but I really want to remember the special “small” things as well.  That’s part of the reason I started this blog, actually; to document some of the small moments that I would forget otherwise.

Little Man and Little Lady have tons of “moments”: moments of cuteness, moments of sweetness, and moments of grumpiness. I know I will forget a lot, but years down the road I want to have some “snapshots” of the small things along with the memories of the big things. With Little Man, I already have quite a few Big Moments: his birth, his first tooth, his first steps, first few words. But all those big moments are surrounded by thousands of little moments. Big Man and I staring in wonder at a brand new Little Man cuddled on my chest. Little Man smiling proudly after using his only two teeth to smush a slice of peach into pulp. The short phase where Little Man would do “sit-ups” whenever he was put down on his back. The mornings where Little Man would wake up and greet each family member, “Mama, Dada, Meow.” I want to remember Little Man’s happy-for-food giggle, him falling asleep on Big Man’s chest, his sleepy hugs with his head on my shoulder and arms wrapped around me.

We haven’t has as much time with Little Lady yet, but she has her little moments too. When she smiles and wiggles with happiness at Daddy. Her eyes getting drowsier and drowsier as she falls asleep in my arms. Her happy little grunts and noises. Her absolute fascination with Little Man, especially when he comes over to give her kisses.

Maybe my favorite so far happened this weekend.  Little Man and Little Lady discovered they could play and interact with each other. They spent hours lying side by side on the floor, looking at each other and having “conversations” mostly consisting of giggles. Big Man and I sat and watched them, and agreed that their playing together was awesome and almost too cute for words.

I know there are thousands of other moments I have already forgotten, but at least I have these to treasure.  And I know there will be millions more to come, so I’ll try to document them and take more mental snapshots. God has blessed me so tremendously in the big fanfare occasions, but also in the small, quiet, everyday moments. And it’s those little, everyday-moment snapshots that are so important to me. They draw Big Man and me closer as we reminisce. They get me through the hard days. They inspire me to be a better homekeeper. And they remind me that, in more ways than I can count, I am blessed.

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