One of the biggest challenges for me in homekeeping has been learning how to be flexible. By nature, I am a very structured, organized, make-a-plan-and-stick-to-it kind of person. In my former job in the technical field, this was a good thing. In homekeeping with little ones, not so much. I’ve needed to soften that rigid structure significantly and while it has been a challenge, I think I’m starting to succeed.

One of my homekeeping goals is to make my home a place of peace, comfort, and escape from the stress of the world. I want my family to enjoy being at home, to know that home is where they are safe and loved. And that doesn’t happen if I spend time and energy stressing out over every little thing that doesn’t go according to plan. With two little ones, there are lots of things that don’t go according to plan. So I am learning when to stick with the rules and when to fudge on them. Learning which things are worth stressing over and which aren’t.

So there are some days there the dishes don’t get done because Little Man needs lots of cuddle time. There are times when I require Little Man to eat what I made for dinner and times when I let dinner be muffins or pancakes. There are days when Big Man and I plan to have an at home dinner and movie date and end up going to sleep early because we are exhausted. And I’m learning to be OK if everything doesn’t go exactly as planned.

I’ll probably never be a “rules are meant to be broken” kind of gal. But hopefully I can be a learn to be a “go with the flow” homekeeper.


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