Lessons Learned

There are some things I’ve learned the hard way. I thought I would pass my experiences on to you and maybe save you some heartache (or at least a lot of cleaning time).

When making a coffee cake, double check the pan size twice. A 9×3 loaf pan is not equivalent to a 9×13 pan. You will have to clean a lot of batter overflow off your oven floor.

When you live at high altitude, use extreme caution removing the foil liner on the top of the cocoa powder tin. It takes a long time to clean a cocoa powder explosion off your face, hair, clothes, kitchen floor, counter, and yes, ceiling.

Always, always set a timer. Boiling baby bottle parts in water for ten minutes sterilizes them. Boiling them for 45 minutes melts them permanently onto your saucepan.

If you leave the flour entirely out of a brownie recipe on accident, you can bake them for over an hour and they will not set. You will end up with burnt goo that is not at all tasty.

Choose soft, fluffy baby toys over hard plastic ones if at all possible. The squishy ones are much less painful when you inevitably step on them barefoot in the middle of the night.

Frosting and sprinkles cover a multitude of layer cake sins.

When buying baby clothes, always check the care tags. If the garment is not machine washable and dry-able, DO NOT BUY, no matter how cute it is.

If your toddler is tall enough to pull things off the counters, know that anything you leave out is not safe. You may end up with kitchen utensils lined up in a row in your hallway or balanced on your windowsill.

A spotlessly clean house is far less important than cuddle time with your family.

A very high tolerance for Disney movies and kids’ songs is a highly valuable skill.

And finally, you can never have too much chocolate on hand.


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