Pumpkin Nutella Cake

All right, everyone, get ready to be amazed by some awesome homekeeping logic. Fruits and vegetables are healthy. Pumpkin is a fruit (apparently. I originally wrote this post stating pumpkin was a vegetable. Glad I looked it up so as not to destroy my flawless logic with a silly mistake). Therefore, anything made with pumpkin … More Pumpkin Nutella Cake


One of the biggest challenges for me in homekeeping has been learning how to be flexible. By nature, I am a very structured, organized, make-a-plan-and-stick-to-it kind of person. In my former job in the technical field, this was a good thing. In homekeeping with little ones, not so much. I’ve needed to soften that rigid … More Flexibility

Little Moments

I think the small seemingly insignificant moments in life are just as important as the big occasions with all the fanfare. It’s easier to remember the big things, but I really want to remember the special “small” things as well. ┬áThat’s part of the reason I started this blog, actually; to document some of the … More Little Moments