So Thankful

I am so thankful for the blessings showered upon my family this week. We successfully moved into a new apartment, bigger than our old one and on the ground floor (no more stairs! YAY!) We had family and friends show up to pack boxes, carry furniture, and play with Little Man and Little Lady. We had a couple days of hard work and tired muscles, but our new home is beautiful and perfect for our little family. Thank you so much to everyone who helped us move. There’s no way we could have done it without you.

Big Man was amazing throughout the move. He encouraged me when I was stressing out, and he worked tirelessly for three days straight. He even did most of the cleaning of our old apartment! Thank you, Big Man, for providing such a wonderful home for me and the little ones.

God has blessed our family so much, and it is days like this when I really see and appreciate those blessings. I’m so excited to continue homekeeping in our new place (it even has a bigger kitchen!), and I look forward to sharing more adventures here on the blog.

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