Merry Christmas Things!

We’re fully into the Christmas season now and I just wanted to share some of the things I am enjoying.

1. Decorating our home for Christmas: greenery, lights, candles, stockings, and prettily-wrapped gifts under the tree (when I get around to wrapping them!)

2. Homemade Bailey’s marshmallows, which are perfect on their own and fabulous in hot chocolate. I used Shawnda’s recipe.

3. It’s a Wonderful Life

4. Snow! And even though the snow here in town has mostly melted, the mountains are stunningly white.

5. Awesome Christmas music.  Some of my favorites are Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Straight No Chaser, Mannheim Steamroller, and pretty much every version of O Holy Night.

6. An Advent calendar with adorable sheep characters and windows that Little Man is enthralled with opening.

7. The dress-up-and-go-out-to-a-nice-restaurant date that Big Man and I had last weekend. Grandparents watched the kids and we had the whole day to ourselves!

8. Warm and cozy flannel sheets.

9. My new addiction to handmade soap and bath products, and the awesome things I have gotten from here. And here. And here.

10. Big Man’s generosity in buying me the things listed in 9. just because I like them and he loves to make me happy.

11. Upcoming celebrations with lots of family and friends, complete with food and music and laughter.

12. Anticipating a quiet Christmas morning with just Big Man and the Little Ones, creating our own family traditions to be celebrated for years to come.

What Merry Christmas things are you enjoying?

Comments are welcome, please participate!

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