Christmas Reflections

We have had a wonderful and blessed Christmas season, and I hope you did too! Big Man had five days off and we enjoyed a lot of time celebrating Christmas here at home and with our extended family. I wanted to make sure I recounted a few of the best memories so I wouldn’t forget them as soon as the decorations get put away.

There were some truly classic moments for Little Man and Little Lady. We got to dress Little Lady up in her red and white velvet Christmas dress, complete with poofy skirt and lace trim. Little Man had a blast ripping wrapping paper off gifts and then making sure it was all cleaned up off the floor. He and the cat had some epic King of the Mountain battles over the pile of Christmas bows. And of course the kids’ aunts and uncles and grandparents couldn’t resist showering them with gifts, including a remote control car, a train set, lots of books, a tool set (Little Man uses the hammer on everything), snuggly blankets, and stacking blocks of every conceivable shape. The kids even got matching Dr. Seuss “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” shirts, which I’m sure will lead to pretty much the cutest picture ever.

Big Man and I got to have some great moments too. We had a morning all to ourselves while both kids were over at the grandparents’ house. Our annual tradition of watching the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy was even cooler this year with our new HDTV and Blu-Ray player. Big Man found an awesome house design app and we’ve been planning and dreaming up designs for our future home. And eating chocolate for dessert after the kids were in bed was even more romantic by Christmas-tree-light.

I’m always a little sad when Christmas comes to a close. The house looks so bare with all the decorations taken down. And I usually have a stack of decadent recipes that I still want to try but need to wait on since my pants are already too tight. But as I pack up the lights and ornaments, I look forward to the new year and seeing what God brings us. I’m so thankful I get to be a full-time homekeeper and I’m excited to see what new adventures 2012 holds.


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