Things I’ve Learned from my Kids

It’s amazing how God makes it so children teach their parents. God can and does use every life experience for his own purposes and to teach those who will listen, but in my life having kids has been one of the biggest sources of my personal growth. Little Man and Little Lady provide countless opportunities every day for me to choose sacrifice over selfishness, patience over anger, and compassion over judgment.

There are days when I reach my limit of Disney movies, drool, constant noise, diapers, and crying. I wish for adult conversation, music not sung my a cartoon character, a reason to wear high heels, and an hour all to myself. Days when I feel like every minute is a challenge. But as frustrating as that is sometimes, I know the challenge makes me a better person. Every day is a chance for me to choose joy, grace, selflessness, and love. And when I make the right choice, I become more like Jesus, which is really what it is all about.

The kids challenge me, an God uses that to change me. But Little Man and Little Lady also teach me things just by being themselves. Little Man is affectionate, un-self-conscious,  and sweet. He doesn’t hold grudges or assume the worst about people. He does everything with 100% commitment and is totally optimistic. Little Lady studies people and things. She is full of wonder at the world and doesn’t take it for granted. And she is definitely honest about her feelings!

Little Man and Little Lady aren’t perfect. Most of the traits I described above are inherent in them because they are young. It is part of being a child. But God created children to have such traits, and I think one of the reasons is to teach their parents. Seeing Little Man forgive quickly reminds me to do the same. Little Lady’s excitement about the smallest things encourages me to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

Jesus instructs us to have faith like a child. That phrase makes so much more sense to me now than before I had Little Ones. I can’t say that I completely understand it yet, or that I live it our perfectly. But I am learning, and I am so thankful that God has blessed me with children who teach me.


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