DIY: Cereal Box Mail Holder

I made something! I did a craft project that was actually a success! This is a big deal for me since I have almost zero craft skill. Seriously. I have dreaded making an egg carton caterpillar since before I had kids.

Since I am craft-challenged, most of the really cool DIY things on Pinterest are way beyond my skill. But I was inspired by a few pictures of cereal boxes turned into mail sorters, so I decided to attempt my own. Until now, our mail ended up on the counter until I sorted it, tossed the ads, and paid the bills. Since I only really sort the mail once every few days, I ended up losing a lot of counter space to a pile of mail that was mostly credit card applications and ads for things I didn’t want. I refuse to spend $25 on a mail sorter from Target, and I figured even if I had to try a couple times before I got it right, a homemade sorter was the cheaper and better option. And it worked! I now have a mail sorter on the wall which keeps the mail off the counters and makes it easy for me to see which mail still needs attention (like bills).

Here what I did to make my mail sorter:

1) Get materials: empty cereal box, scissors, Contact paper (I chose a wood-grain pattern), and a mounting method (I chose the Command picture strips since they are removable and don’t damage the wall).

2) Cut off the top of the box, then cut the front of the box across the middle and remove the top part (so you have a “pouch”)

3) Cover the box with contact paper.

4) Attach the mounting device according to manufacturers’ directions.

5) Mount on wall and use to sort mail!

6) Congratulate yourself on saving money, re-using a cereal box, and successfully completing a craft project! You totally deserve some chocolate for this!


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