Where Do We Go From Here?

I haven’t had this blog very long, but even so when I look over all the posts it feels a little schizophrenic to me. There are lots of recipes, and a DIY craft post. There are posts about marriage, parenting, and a rant about a holiday. When I look at it like that, I feel like I need to just pick a subject and stick to it. You know, make it a marriage blog, or a food blog, or a parenting blog, or a random thoughts blog. But then again, Homekeeping (at least in my own definition) really does encompass all those things. So after thinking and praying about the direction God wants this blog to go, I’ve come up with the following.

My quest to be a good homekeeper first and foremost is about my faith, marriage, and kids. Secondary to those things is my desire to cook good meals, stick to a budget, and maintain a (mostly) clean and orderly house. In light of these priorities, I’ll be changing the format of the blog a little bit. I’ll still post recipes I love and participate in Project Pastry Queen. And if I ever complete another successful craft project you can be sure I’ll brag about it here. But I’m also going to write more posts on marriage and parenting from a Christian perspective.

I’ve been married for 6.5 years and a mom for 2, and there are many great blogs out there written by people with more experience and wisdom (my favorites are listed in the Blogroll). But I know that God can and does speak through anyone, and I want to make sure I am keeping the door open for Him.

As I continue to share my homekeeping triumphs and failures, my prayer is that God will use me to spread His truth to everyone willing to receive it.

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