Sample Saturday

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Why not celebrate with some (green food coloring added) homemade pancakes and syrup? And if you need extra inspiration, you’re in luck! This week’s blog roundup includes some more Irish-themed posts.

Kisses and Kiddos

Showing Honor – This post from The Romantic Vineyard has some great advice about speaking well of your spouse, both in private and in public. It’s a great tie into this next post. . .

What’s Grace Like? – . . .which is a list Pastor Mark Driscoll made about the good qualities of his wife, Grace. I love this idea, and I plan on making a similar list about Big Man. I think such a project will be a blessing for both of us.

Sex after Kids: 17 Ways to Make it Happen – An excellent set of honest, practical tips from Sheila over at To Love, Honor and Vacuum.

8 Ways to Protect Your Children from Sexual Abuse – It’s sad that the world is such that this article is needed, but this list from The Resurgence is absolutely important for every parent.


Chocolate Oatmeal Moon Pies – Annie’s Eats has this recipe for a decadent homemade version of the classic convenience store treat.

Hidden Gold Rainbow Cupcakes – These beautiful and totally creative cupcakes from The Cookbook Queen are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.

Homemade Irish Cream – Irish Cream liquer is pretty much a requirement for St. Patrick’s Day and Alaska Mom has a recipe for making your own!

Mint Chocolate Chip Bailey’s Milkshake – And you can use that homemade Irish Cream to make this grown up and green shake from the ladies over at That’s What We Said.

Crispy Gnocchi with Basil Pesto – Finally, if you want something green that isn’t a dessert, you can try this yummy-looking pasta dish over at Two Peas & Their Pod

Just for Fun and Giggles

Things Kids Say in Church – This little story over at Stuff Christians Like is funny, sweet, and beautiful all at once. I’m looking forward to having “what my kids said in church” stories of my own when my Little Ones get a bit older.

A Striped Silhouette – The Remodeled Life has a step-by-step instructions for a really cool, Pinterest-inspired DIY art project.

And here’s a final bit of humor for y’all:

St. Patrick had quite a day

Enjoy your weekend, and have a fun and safe St. Patrick’s Day celebration!

2 thoughts on “Sample Saturday

  1. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! Thank you so much for including me in this week’s blog roundup!! Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

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