Happy Little Things

This is the third post I’ve written today. But this is the only post I’ve completed. With the other two (which were on more serious subjects) I got two paragraphs in and completely hit a wall. So I figured I’d leave those to finish later and try writing a more lighthearted post. And what could be more fun to write than a list of things that bring a smile to my face? Little things that just make me happy, and make me so thankful for the blessings God has given me.

~ Little Man has decided (finally) that learning to talk is a priority. So he’s coming up with a new word every couple days and it is so cute hearing him learn to pronounce the hard ones.

~ Big Man and I have settled in to his night-shift schedule and are enjoying the extra time we all get to spend as a family during his days off.

~ The weather is starting to warm up and be springlike. While I know there are still more crazy spring snowstorms on the horizon in the next couple months, the 70-degree days are definitely nice.

~ Little Lady is mobile! She is crawling around like champion and her favorite thing is making a beeline for Big Man every morning when he gets home from work.

~ I’ve discovered Hangin’ with Friends on the iPad. It’s really fun even when I lose.

~ Little Man has learned almost all his letters. He loves finding anything with print on it and pointing out each letter by name and it is so cute!

~ It’s almost baseball season. Go Rockies!

~ Little Lady is consistently sleeping through the night, which means Big Man and I are getting more sleep. Sleep is awesome.

~ I found the best homemade pizza crust recipe and we’ve all been enjoying pizza night. (I plan to post some pizza recipes soon . . .)

~ iTunes gift cards from Christmas + Season Pass to The Big Bang Theory = Evenings full of laughter

~ The mini-vacation and night away Big Man and I had a couple weeks ago was so wonderful! And the kids did great spending the night with the grandparents, so that was an extra bonus.

~ Pastel green nail polish. My toenails look like Easter Eggs 🙂

~ Sleepy mornings when the Little Ones are all snuggly.

And finally,

~ Peeps. Greatest Easter candy EVER!

What little things make you smile?


One thought on “Happy Little Things

  1. 1) Pizza dough recipe, please give! Mine always either end up too flat and crunchy or wet and gooy in the middle. 😦 2) Hooray for crawling!! So much fun and GO Little Lady! 3) Things that make me smile… Giggles from my Butterfly, Diet Dr. Pepper (cherry prefered, but any will do), weekends, and Heroes…I’m so hooked right now. Thanks for the reminder to be thankful for the everyday things.

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