Project Pastry Queen: Surprise Peanut Buttercups

This week’s Project Pastry Queen recipe was hosted by Jen over at Sweet Morris. You can get the full recipe over at her blog. To see how the other PPQ members made these cupcakes, click here.

So the original recipe from The Pastry Queen was for Peanut Buttercups with Peanut-Penuche Icing. I changed a few things and came up with some awesome peanut butter cupcakes (with a surprise inside) paired with chocolate cream cheese frosting. Here are the changes I made:

~I made only half the recipe, but since the cupcakes rise a lot (even more here at high altitude) I only filled each muffin cup half full and still ended up with 12 cupcakes.

~ I added 2 tbs. extra flour to account for the altitude

~ I had some mini Reese’s Cups left over from Easter so I put one inside each cupcake instead of the bittersweet chocolate.

~ I used light brown sugar instead of dark because that is what I had in the pantry

~ I made a dark chocolate cream cheese frosting instead of the peanut-penuche icing. I wanted a more balanced chocolate/peanut butter cupcake instead of so much peanut butter

The results were really yummy! The cupcake has a nice tender texture and good amount of peanut butter flavor. I think the mini Reese’s worked out as a fun surprise inside and I loved the dark chocolate cream cheese frosting. Since we are all big fans of the peanut butter/chocolate combo, I’ll definitely be making these again soon!


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