PPQ: Strawberry-Nutella Loaf with Vanilla Glaze

I’m going out on a limb with this one. I adapted this week’s Project Pastry Queen recipe quite a bit, so I feel kinda guilty even listing it as a PPQ dish, but here it is. This week’s PPQ challenge of Mini Apple Cinnamon Loaves with Calvados Glaze was hosted by Emily of A Gilt Nutmeg, and you can see her post with the original recipe here. You can also click here to see how the other members made the dish.

As you can see, I made a few adaptations to the bread. Here’s a list:

~I cut the original recipe in half and made one 9×5 loaf

~I left out the pecans

~I replaced the apples with chopped strawberries

~I left out the cinnamon and nutmeg, and added 1 tsp vanilla extract to the batter.

~I added Nutella. Just spread half the batter into the loaf pan, added about 3 tablespoons on Nutella over that, and then covered with the rest of the batter.

~I replaced the apple brandy in the glaze with vanilla.

Honestly, this results of the recipe were. . .unexpected. I was expecting a quick bread consistency, something similar to banana bread, but my loaf was more like a giant cookie. Not that a big strawberry-Nutella cookie is a bad thing, it just wasn’t what I was expecting. I let the loaf cool in the pan about 15 minutes before removing it and glazing it, and once I got it on the cooling rack it fell. We’re talking hardcore deflation here. I ended up with a “loaf” that was about an inch tall. I couldn’t very well cut it into slices, so Big Man and I just ate it out of a bowl with spoons. Tasty, but not very pretty.

Now, I deviated pretty far from the original recipe, so that may be the reason for the inconsistency. Also, I didn’t make any compensation for the high altitude here, so that may have contributed as well. Either way, when I make this again, I will probably make it in a pie plate and just call it a giant cookie. I will also probably add a couple tablespoons of extra flour for the high altitude here.

The actual flavor of the bread was nice, not too sweet, and the strawberries and Nutella went really well together. The recipe was really easy and quick too, which is always a plus. I might even leave off the glaze next time, as I don’t think it was really necessary.

I hope you get a chance to try the original apple bread recipe, or my strawberry-Nutella cookie version.

3 thoughts on “PPQ: Strawberry-Nutella Loaf with Vanilla Glaze

  1. This sounds like a great flavor adaptation! It’s funny you say that the texture was like a giant cookie, because mine definitely reminded me of my favorite oatmeal cookies, but in flavor. Either way, I’m looking forward to trying out your version!

  2. It’s nice when flops are still delicious! I adapted mine for high altitude, so if you’re looking to go that way again, you could check out my post. Not sure where you are though. I’m about 5700 feet. Love the sub of strawberries and nutella. Great idea!

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