Sample Saturday

Good Morning! Are you enjoying the start of summer? Bring on the barbecues, lemonade, and water slides! Here are some great blog posts from this week.

Kisses and Kiddos

Praying for Your Children – This post from The Confident Mom is both encouraging and challenging. It is amazing the blessing and responsibility God gives us parents to pray for our children.

What Does it Mean to be Feminine? – I really liked this Hot, Holy and Humorous post about what Biblical femininity looks like, and how we can learn from those examples.

Why be Married? For the Wednesday Walk to Breakfast– This Assume Love post talks about the importance of those special traditions held just between spouses and how they strengthen the marriage.

Letting Go – This post from adoptingjames discusses the Christian themes, especially regarding adoption, in the Pixar movie Up! (which is one of the greatest movies ever made, in my not-very-humble opinion)


Confetti Cookie Dough Bites – These little treats from Bake Your Day look  delicious and they include sprinkles!

Cherry Rosemary Sea Salt Foccacia – This appetizer from A Cozy Kitchen is beautiful and the combination of flavors sounds very fresh and summery.

Hot & Cheesy Corn Dip – I love fresh corn in the summer and am always looking for new ways to eat it. Here’s a unique dip from How Sweet It Is.

Nutella S’Mores Bars – Want. Now. (from Sugarcrafter)

Just for Fun and Giggles

A Primer on the Shotgun– Yes, really. Even if you are not so much into owning or using firearms, this Art of Manliness post is detailed and fascinating.

12 Signs you Attend Church in the Suburbs – As someone who has attended quite a few suburban churches, I found this Stuff Christians Like list hilarious and spot-on.

Quick Paper Crafts – If you are a crafty-type person, or just someone who appreciates cool crafts from afar (like me), you’ll appreciate the inspiration in this EPBOT post (complete with lots of pictures).

And just for giggles, there’s this:

Enjoy your weekend!


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