Seven Years

Seven years ago today Big Man and I started our married life. We stood in a garden surrounded by family and friends and vowed to have and to hold for better and for worse. We committed to love each other always and forsake all others until death do us part. We exchanged the rings, drank to the toasts, ate the cake, danced to “our” song. It was the most beautiful wedding ever (in my totally biased opinion).

I have very fond memories of our wedding and our newlywed years. We had a beautiful honeymoon on an Alaskan cruise, and then set up house together in our first place. We learned how to live together, how to share a bed, and how much we did not need that fondue set on our wedding registry. We went through the tough seasons of Big Man’s military deployments and rejoiced when he came home. As much as I loved our first few married years, what came next was even better.

God blessed us with Little Man, and then with Little Lady shortly thereafter. We experienced the excitement and trials of pregnancy, the amazement of seeing our beautiful children for the first time, and the love and support of our extended family. We reveled in our babies’ first smiles, giggles, and steps. We learned how to live on little sleep and developed a high tolerance for Veggie Tales and Disney songs. Our budget got tighter when I quit my old job to be home full time, and we “restarted” our lifestyle and financial goals with a dream of building our own home and a commitment to living with no debt.

We are learning how to be parents through trial and error, with a lot of God’s grace. We’re saving money in our “house fund” and trying to be as self-sufficient as possible. Our days are filled with Little Man’s ABC’s and Little Lady’s mercurial moods. We are growing closer together as friends and lovers, and enjoying at home date nights and geeky hobbies. It’s an exciting and tiring season we are in right now. But it is wonderful, and I’m so happy to be celebrating seven years together.

I think, though, that my favorite part of this anniversary is the anticipation. Every year we have been together has been a blessing, and each year is better than the last. And that means that the best is yet to come. I’m excited about anniversaries down the road, to look back at seven years and say “Wow, that was a wonderful time in our marriage, but where we are now is even better.”

God has blessed me tremendously with Big Man as my husband, and with our two children. I am so thankful, for celebrating our anniversary today, and anticipating what the next year will hold.

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