Homekeeping Happiness

I love being a homekeeper full time and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. However, sometimes the big picture of “I love being a homekeeper” gets lost in the day-to-day grind of diapers, cleaning, grabby little hands, and noise. And when that big picture gets lost, I become frustrated and critical which doesn’t help anyone.

I find that it is so much easier for me to keep a joyful and content attitude when the daily grind is interrupted by those “little piece of heaven” moments. You know, those times when you look at your spouse or your kids and are just overwhelmed with amazement that God created something so precious and thankfulness that He let you be a part of it. Those are the moments that get me through the hard days, those times when Little Lady is teething or Little Man is using me as his personal jungle gym.

And let’s be honest here, sometimes “those moments” also have less to do with the family and more to do with things like chocolate. Or a great book. Or something that really makes me laugh. Heck, one moment was nothing more than enjoying a cup of coffee by myself, in total silence as both kids napped together!

So I figured a good goal for myself would be to make a list every week of at least 5 “Happy Homekeeping Moments” for which to be thankful. I know having a list to look back at will help me choose joy during the hard days. And with the list as a weekly goal, I hope to be more on the lookout for those special moments.

So now, without further ado, on to this week’s list!

1. At-home Anniversary date with Big Man: Chipotle burritos, champagne, chocolates, and the movie Up!

2. Little Man reading his “Lion book” to me, complete with the correct numbers, colors, and sound effects.

3. Little Lady cuddling and falling asleep on my lap after awakening early from her nap.

4. The Little Ones having an Epic Splash-fest during their bath, including giggles, squeals, and a lot of water ending up on the floor.

5. Receiving this book through Paperback Swap. It’s really good so far!

So that’s this week’s list. Hope y’all are having a great Friday! See you tomorrow for Sample Saturday 🙂


3 thoughts on “Homekeeping Happiness

  1. Hello! Stopping over from Company Girls. I think you’re link is wrong, but WordPress suggested this web addy instead.

    So true that we need those moments to keep on keeping on! It’s good to see the beautiful in those oftentimes messy moments.

    1. Hey thanks for stopping. I did have my link over at Company Girls, must have made a typo. Thanks for letting me know. Glad I’m not the only one out there who needs those moments!

  2. 100% agree with looking at your spouse or kiddos and realizing how amazing God is – that’s what gets my through the hard days too! enjoyed this post!

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