Happy Homekeeping Moments

Please pray for the victims of the theater shooting that happened here in Colorado last night.

1. Little Lady is starting to dance to music. That cute little wiggling-up-and-down baby dance, made even better by the huge smile on her face.

2. An afternoon spent with some extended family in from out of town, and a baby shower to celebrate the upcoming birth of their first child.

3. Little Man now considers it his job to narrate Little Lady’s actions. So he tells us whenever she does something he thinks is important, like play with her toys or sneeze.

4. An afternoon out at the spa with my mom to get pedicures! Thanks to Big Man for giving me the day off.

5. Nighttime prayers with Little Man as he thanks Jesus for everyone he knows and each of his toys and all the activities he enjoys. It takes a while, but it is so sweet and a great example of gratitude.

Sample Saturday tomorrow.

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