Sample Saturday

Good Morning! Here’s this week’s post roundup.

Kisses and Kiddos

Why I Don’t Use the Words “Help Meet” – A “rant” from The Generous Wife on the common “Christian misapplications” of a woman’s role.

Budget is The New Black – This post from The Meat and Potatoes of Life talks about style, minivans, budgeting, and SUVs with a great sense of humor and honesty.

Measuring Marriage Maturity – A short-and-sweet post from The Romantic Vineyard with a very interesting perspective on marriage maturity.

Should You Limit your Child’s Reading Choices? – A thought-provoking post and a whole comment section full of good discussion from Carrots for Michaelmas.


Fried Guacamole – There really are no words for the awesomeness that is this Joy the Baker recipe.

Apple Crisp Pizza – This dessert pizza from The Girl Who Ate Everything looks like a perfect fall treat.

Tilapia with Browned Butter and Lemon Sauce – A light and fresh seafood dish from Add a Pinch.

How to Make Puff Pastry – Yet another kitchen staple I can now DIY instead of purchase, thanks to Annie’s Eats!

Just for Fun and Giggles

What Would you Spray Paint on this Dumpster? – Classic Stuff Christians Like. The post is funny (seriously, what kind of church does this?), and then there’s even more humor in the comments. Enjoy!

And, you’ll never think of it that same way again. . .

from *Very Clean* Funny Pics

Enjoy your weekend!

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