Sample Saturday

Here’s this week’s roundup of my favorite blog posts. Enjoy!

Kisses and Kiddos

How to Write a Love Letter – This post at Hot, Holy and Humorous includes some great examples and inspiration for writing a love letter to your spouse.

Our Quick Fix Society – A hard look at our culture’s fascination with “success” and instant gratification instead of the rewards of hard work. (From To Love, Honor, and Vacuum)

29 Days to a Better You – I’d never heard of the 29 Day Experiment method before reading this Becoming Minimalist post, but I really like the concept. It’s a lot less daunting to commit to something for 29 days than to try and keep a “resolution” for an entire year.

9 Prayer Tips for 2013 – A lighthearted post from Stuff Christians Like, with a lot of truth and some great comments as well.


Baked Breakfast Taquitos – I love all things breakfast, and I really like this spin on breakfast burritos from Pink Parsley.

Pepperoni Pizza Mac ‘n’ Cheese – There are so many variations on mac ‘n’ cheese and while I enjoy the fancy gourmet type, I’m very partial to “kid food.” I bet my Little Ones will love this dish from Picky Palate.

Maple Bacon Biscuits – The title pretty much says it all. Yum. (From Confections of a Foodie Bride)

Gooey Butter Cake – I’ve made gooey butter cake before, but the recipes I’ve found always start with a box mix, so I’m looking forward to trying this “from scratch” version from Annie’s Eats.

Just for Fun and Giggles

And finally, because this is just so cute:

Enjoy your weekend!


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