Sample Saturday

Good Morning! Here’s this week’s Sample Saturday of my favorite posts from the last couple weeks.

Kisses and Kiddos

Love Changes Everything – A beautiful perspective in this Becoming Minimalist post.

On Raising Little Women (or Men) – A great post about the parenting and teaching lessons to be learned from Marmee, of Little Women. (post from Simple Homeschool)

Make a Homekeeping Mission Statement – A really cool idea from Home Sanctuary.  I’m still working on my mission statement, and I’ll be sure to share once it is complete.

Beyond Movie Night – A great list of fun and inexpensive at home dates from Beauty Through Imperfection.

Parenting 001 – I actually said “Amen” out loud when I finished reading this fantastic post at The Gospel Coalition


Espresso-Biscoff Heart Cake – I was all prepared to have a healthy, no dessert weekend until I saw this awesomeness from Sprinkle Bakes and decided I need to make it now.

Crockpot Salsa Verde Chicken Enchiladas – I like the idea of Mexican flavors in the slow cooker. This dish from the Foodie Bride looks like a great change from the usual pot roast.

French Onion Soup Grilled Cheese Sandwiches – I actually made these last week and oh boy, were they good! Big Man loved them too. This Tasty Kitchen post has a nice set of step-by-step photos.

Cinnamon Streusel Chocolate Bread– Streusel and chocolate in the same recipe. Thank you, Bakingdom!

Just for Fun and Giggles

Paperman – This cute Disney short film has been floating around the internet for the last few days, and it is totally worth a look.  Does anyone else think the guy looks like Jim from The Office?

And finally, I found this on Pinterest and just couldn’t stop laughing.

Unless you’re a rhino who wants to be a unicorn. That’s not giving up, that’s refusing to bend to the pressure the media puts on rhinos to be more mythical.

Enjoy your weekend!


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