Square One: The Land

Our adventure begins! We bought an acre and a half of mountain property and we’re going to be building our “forever home” there. We’re so excited to start designing and building our home, and so blessed that God has provided this opportunity for us.

Big Man and I have always talked about building a house for our family, and actually doing as much of the building as we can ourselves. This process is going to be full of DIY projects and I’m going to document them here.

We’re hoping to meet with the preliminary team of designers (surveyor, site planner, etc.) this week and once we do that we can decide on our building site and start meeting with the architect. We’re so excited!

I took some pictures of our land for reference as we decide on a building site and for posterity, since once we start excavating it won’t look like this again for a few years. Below are a few shots of our property.

Land 1 land_2 copy land_3 copy land_4 copy


3 thoughts on “Square One: The Land

  1. beautiful!! I’m so excited to see how it progresses. We’ll be praying you through each step of the process. 🙂

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