Frugal Friday: Re-Use Those Zip Bags!

I’m starting a new feature here called Frugal Friday to share quick little tips for saving money! Big Man and I believe it is very important to live beneath our means and debt-free, and being a one-income family means we have to be creative to meet that goal. I’ll share some of the things I do to save, and I’d love to hear your tips as well!

Today’s tip is: Re-use those plastic zip bags! Zip top bags, especially the heavy duty freezer kind, can be used multiple times; basically until they get a hole or don’t seal anymore. I use zip top bags all the time, usually to store food in the freezer, or to keep air out of vacuum bags I’ve opened (coffee, yeast). When I empty one, I just wash, dry, and stick it back in the cabinet to be used again. I find the fastest way is to turn them inside-out before washing and setting out to air dry. Quick and easy, and I love getting more than one use out of something “disposable.”

There are few instances where I throw the bags out after a single use. Anytime I store a non-food item, I toss the bag or make sure it is marked for only non-food storage. I also never reuse a bag that has held raw meat.

What about you? Do you re-use plastic bags or other “disposable” items?


One thought on “Frugal Friday: Re-Use Those Zip Bags!

  1. I loved this post Amanda. It seems so wasteful throwing out plastic bags all of the time; especially the heavy top zipped ones. Obviously there is a time and a place, circumstances, no meat etc. But in general, the bags are more than ok to be used a couple of times. I don’t mean to be cheap or dirty but it’s save money and helps the environment too. F x

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