Frugal Friday – Skip the Salon

FrugalFriday Tip

Happy Friday! I hope you had a good week and are looking forward to a great weekend!

On to this week’s tip: skip the salon and cut your family members’ hair yourself! Maybe you think that’s just a little too hillbilly for you, but hear me out. Even if you choose to go to “Cheap Clips” instead of “le Salon d’Fanciness” it still costs almost twenty bucks just to get your kid’s hair trimmed. Hubby’s haircut probably costs closer to thirty. If their hair grows fast and they need a trip every couple months, those charges really add up. Plus you have to factor in the giant Starbucks drink you buy yourself to help relieve the stress of having your kids melt down because they’re young and wary of this unknown person messing with their hair.

So skip all that and cut your kids’ and/or hubby’s hair yourself! A good set of clippers isn’t too expensive and it will last forever if you treat it nicely. We actually got ours from my parents who have had it for decades (judging by the extremely dated pictures in the manual). There are tons of YouTube videos showing how to cut hair. I just do a basic “crew cut” for Little Man, and once Little Lady’s hair grows long enough, I’ll just trim the ends when necessary.  It takes a little practice to feel confident, but once you get the hang of it the whole thing goes quickly.  You can relax and enjoy not having to deal with the salon and save that money for something much more fun than haircuts! If you feel really brave you can even cut your own hair! I keep my hair long and just trim the ends using this method when needed.

Do you cut your family’s hair yourself?


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