House Update #3

Well, we’ve our first major delay. You may have heard, we had a bit of rain here in Colorado a couple weeks ago. And while the flooding didn’t affect our property, it did completely destroy the main highway that runs up the mountain. Which means that no work will be happening for a while: we won’t be breaking ground for a few months (best case) or maybe not until next spring.

We’re disappointed, of course, and it’s frustrating to be “on hold” for an indefinite amount of time. But compared to so many around here our delay is a minor problem. There were many homes lost, and a lot of families (including Big Man’s parents) were evacuated and are having to find temporary housing until the roads are rebuilt. The flood was a very significant event here, and we’ll continue to see its effects for months, if not years.

We are so thankful that nothing we didn’t lose any structure or materials, and the delay does give us some extra time to make sure all the prep work is done. We can get bids for the few things Big Man won’t be doing himself and make sure all our paperwork is correct for our building permit request.

So, that’s where we are in the home-building journey. Thanks for following along with us!


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