What Baby?

“Um, what Baby?” This is the question Little Man asks every time we talk about how Christmas is a birthday party for Baby Jesus. Little Man is really into Christmas this year. Bouncing-off-the-walls-excited about lights, trees, ornaments, and more lights. He’s not focused too much on gifts yet, but I am sure that will come.

I love seeing his enthusiasm. Christmas is my favorite holiday, and while I have many fond memories of my childhood Christmases, nothing compares to seeing Christmas through your children’s excitement. It’s amazing the amount of joy Little Man has seeing the lights, or discussing with Little Lady the color of every single ornament. I hope and pray that, as they grow, they will both have as much passion for knowing and following the Lord.

It’s a difficult thing, explaining the true meaning of Christmas to a 3 year old. You tell him the lights and trees and gifts are fun and nice, but the most important part of Christmas is something he can’t see. Little Man knows his baby cousin, and younger siblings of his friends, but he hasn’t met Baby Jesus. So we have the “what Baby?” conversation every time. And every time I tell him Jesus came to be born a baby because he loves us. He loves you, he loves me. He loves everyone so much he came to earth as a little Baby. And we celebrate that at Christmas. “Oh, OK!” Little Man responds every time. “It’s a birthday for Baby Jesus.”

I know he doesn’t fully understand yet. Really, does anyone truly comprehend the miracle of a human Baby, who is also fully God? The mighty Ruler of the universe, contained in a helpless newborn? The Word becoming flesh to dwell among us? I know my human brain cannot fathom such a miracle. I believe it, but I will never be able to fully wrap my mind around it. So I’m OK with having the “What Baby?” conversation over and over again. It gives me an opportunity to share the most important Truth with my little ones. It compels me to pray for them, that they would come to saving faith in Jesus and walk with Him always. And it reminds me to pause and consider the indescribable love of my Savior, who gave up Heaven for a time to dwell here on earth, all so we can be restored to perfect fellowship with Him.

May you have a blessed Christmas season, full of love and His peace.


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