So long, 2013! You’ve been good to us: a place for our future home, lots of family events, new friends, and many adventures in cooking and homekeeping. But I have to say, as great as 2013 was, I am highly anticipating 2014!  Lord willing, we’ll begin construction of our house, enjoy our first family vacation, and celebrate Big Man completing his second bachelor’s degree. Little Man will turn 4 in a couple weeks and Little Lady will turn 3 this year. God truly has blessed us, and I hope to spend this year learning how to be grateful and pass on that blessing to others.

I also have a few goals (I don’t do resolutions) for 2014.

  • Complete a cross-stitched Christmas stocking for Little Lady (I just barely finished Little Man’s before Christmas this year)
  • Learn how to crochet, and make at least 1 project
  • Research homeschooling methods/curriculum and have a plan to “officially” start school in the fall, whatever that looks like
  • Pick a few recipes off my “too scared to attempt” list and actually try them.
  • Exercise at least once a week in January and February, twice a week in March through June, and 3 times per week from July onward.
  • Complete my Bible Study reading and questions daily, instead of playing catch-up the day before the group meeting.

We have big things on the horizon this year, and I’m excited. I hope you are excited about the new year as well. Happy 2014!

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