House Update #4

A.k.a. Patience. Between snow, and work schedules, and waiting on contractor bids, and just general life, it seems like the house project is going at a snail’s pace. I know it feels slower than it actually is, but sometimes I have to fight the frustration of wanting to do things NOW. It’s difficult when all the progress is still in the paperwork stage and there isn’t anything physical to point to yet. Big Man and I talk about the possibility of moving in a year from now and it still seems like a fantasy to me.

There are some new developments: we have nearly all the paperwork ready to submit for our permit, the logs for the house have a cut/ship date,  and weather permitting Big Man should start the tree-removal in a couple weeks. We’ve got a good start on the kitchen design, thanks to Big Man’s dad, and we’re making some decisions in details like flooring and interior wall finishing. Little Man even gets involved by telling us what color he wants to paint his room (current choice is orange).

So things are moving along, even if I don’t appreciate the pace. Hopefully I’ll have another update in a few weeks. Until then, thanks for following along.


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