House Update #6

One down, one to go! Because, apparently, building a house must be governed by as much bureaucracy as possible, we needed to get two separate permits; one for the house and one for the septic system. Well, the county called us yesterday to say the septic permit is completed. Hooray! Now we just have to wait for the house permit. We’re hoping it goes through quickly and without problems just like the septic permit did. Then we’ll be all set to start!

In other news, Big Man played lumberjack this week and removed a few of the dead trees on our lot. Bad weather prevented him from going up yesterday to finish the tree removal, but he’s planning on going up next week to get the rest of them. At least we’ll have quite a bit of firewood!

I’ll post another update when we have the house permit. Until then, we’re hoping to get the bids back from the excavation contractors we’re thinking of hiring. You’d think people that want our business would return a phone call occasionally…

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