Goals: Update!

We’re already 5.5 months into 2014 and I thought I’d take a look at my goals for the year and see how I’ve been doing.

  • Complete a cross-stitched Christmas stocking for Little Lady (I just barely finished Little Man’s before Christmas this year)

Not so good. I’ve just barely started this project, I think I did a set of stitches in one thread color and haven’t been back to it since.

  • Learn how to crochet, and make at least 1 project

Success! I’m not a master at crochet by any means, but I have completed a coaster, a scarf, and 2 sets of finger-less gloves. See?!

Fingerless Gloves

  • Research homeschooling methods/curriculum and have a plan to “officially” start school in the fall, whatever that looks like

Research is ongoing. We haven’t finalized a plan yet, but I do know a few things; we’re going to be mostly informal in our approach, focus on encouraging the Little Ones’ excitement about learning, and include as much hands-on work as we can.

  • Pick a few recipes off my “too scared to attempt” list and actually try them.

I successfully made Hollandaise sauce! Oh my goodness, homemade Hollandaise is ridiculously good and I now understand why people love it.  There are more “scary” dishes I want to try, but I am happy my Hollandaise was a success.

  • Exercise at least once a week in January and February, twice a week in March through June, and 3 times per week from July onward.

Much as I didn’t expect it, I think this is the goal I have been most successful with so far. I’ve been exercising 4-6 days a week since the middle of March. I finally found a method that works for me and I’m excited about it. I use the HIIT method and the free videos from bodyrock.tv* and it’s great to only have to set aside 15 minutes a day to get the workout done.

  • Complete my Bible Study reading and questions daily, instead of playing catch-up the day before the group meeting.

I didn’t do this perfectly. Before Bible Study ended for the year, there were still a few weeks where I was doing all the homework the day before meeting. And I still need to find and commit to a study for this summer. This goal is definitely a work in progress.

So that’s it, my progress so far.  Some good, some not so good. But having everything written out like this helps me see which areas still needs work. If anyone has a suggestion for a good Bible study for the summer, I’d love to hear it!

*I definitely recommend Bodyrock for their workouts but please be aware their site is liberally sprinkled with pictures/videos of people (mostly women) in skimpy exercise outfits. There is also some adult language. You’ve been warned!

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