House update #13: Progress!

We finally have visible progress on the house! We decided to hire a General Contractor to speed things along. It’s been great! Things are happening quickly and Big Man doesn’t need to spend every waking hour up at the site. We’re really excited to see progress; it makes the whole thing seem real!

Completed things:

  • Logs, windows, and doors delivered (this was nearly another disaster, but thankfully it did end up all right)
  • Foundation slab poured
Foundation Slab
Foundation Slab
  • Buried utilities inspections passed
  • Framing started
Framing for walkout basement
Framing for walkout basement
  • Steel support beams installed
Steep support beam
Steel support beam

Next on the list:

  • Stacking the logs!
  • Staining log walls
  • Decisions on interior finishing materials. There are SO many choices for everything.

We’re hoping to start stacking the logs middle of next week. I’ll be posting more pictures soon! Thanks for following along!


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