Ten Years

Yesterday Big Man and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary. Our “big” celebration will be this weekend when kids spend a couple nights with the grandparents and we get to do things like eat at a restaurant without playplace and see a movie that doesn’t star a loud, musical princess and go about our lives without the Super Mario music in the background. But yesterday we had a small celebration of breakfast together and Big Man taking a day off from working on the house so we could hang out together. It was so nice to have a laid back day to just enjoy relaxing together.

Ten years of being married to each other. Like everyone says, in some ways it feels like longer than that and in some ways it feels like it went by in a flash. We’ve been through moves, military deployments, vacations, different income brackets, having two kids, and this crazy house-building project. We’ve made some wonderful memories together and I can’t wait to see what the next years will hold. I am so blessed to be sharing life with my true love and my best friend.

I guess the biggest thing I’m feeling today is contentment. Our ten years of marriage have included a lot of stressful situations, and the house project is a big source of stress currently, but those things really have grown our relationship. We have a better perspective on things now than we did as newlyweds. For the most part, we’ve learned to “not sweat the small stuff.” Life is complicated enough without adding pointless friction to our relationship. I’ve gotten better at giving Big Man the benefit of the doubt, and assuming the best instead of the worst. We’ve studied each other, and know what it looks like for us to speak love to each other. It’s sharing our thoughts and work and laughter. It’s choosing to get up with the kids to the other person can sleep. It’s giving a backrub or baking cookies or picking up Chipotle for dinner. It’s praying for each other and praying together. It’s seeing daily life not as drudgery, but as an adventure we’re on together, and finding ways to remind each other that we wouldn’t choose anyone else.

I love you, Big Man. Here’s to our life together in the years to come. The best is yet to be.

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