House Update #25: Lots of Progress

It’s been AGES since I’ve done a house update post. We’ve have been running full tilt with the house (and life) for months now, and between stress and fatigue, I just haven’t had the energy to post here. Plus, last week we moved out of our apartment, which has been our home for the last 5 years! We had hoped to move straight to the house, but since the timing didn’t work out quite right, we are grateful to have generous family members willing to let us take over their basement until the house is livable.

Between Big Man working at the house every waking minute he’s not at his real job, and all the help we’ve had from family and friends, tons of things have been done since I last wrote so here’s the list and some pictures.

  • All the utilities are now installed in the house and have passed inspection: electrical, plumbing, HVAC, gas.
  • The replacements for the 2 windows that were made the wrong size the first time FINALLY arrived and are installed.
  • Almost all the doors and windows are trimmed out on the exterior; about half have the interior trim complete as well
  • The real doors are installed in place of the temporary ones we had up for the construction phase.
  • The flagstone siding on the basement is complete and Big Man did an amazing job! We’ve actually a few professionals ask what company did the work!
  • The flagstone steps and patios are all done, and the driveway is lined with railroad ties and reflectors
  • The wood stove and chimney are installed.
  • The front deck is done, and we have stairs at all the exterior entrances.
  • Insulation is installed
  • The basement stairs are built, and the second floor stairs are about halfway there
  • Big Man made the long drive to a small family-run mill in Kremmling, CO to pick up our beetle-kill pine flooring and it’s ready to go in as soon as the drywall is done.

Here are the pictures!

Flagstone siding on the basement wall, and one of the patio areas.
The wood stove and flagstone hearth
Flagstone steps from the driveway to the front door
Deck and front door
Trimmed-out door from dining room to deck
(work in progress) Blue-stain pine staircase
Interior trim on the kitchen windows
Snowy view of the back of the house
View from the downhill side of our property. Photo taken by Cristin Spielman Photography, LLC.

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