Goals for 2016

Yes, it’s a week late but I have finally come up with my goals for this year! I have to say, I didn’t do all that well with my goals from last year. The house pretty much swallowed up most of my time, energy, and motivation, not to mention our finances last year. But we’re finally getting to the end of the house project, so I have high hopes that I’ll be able to meet my other goals for the year.


  • Learn how to do dip-pen calligraphy
  • Reading challenges: this one, and my Goodreads goal of reading 45 books this year

Homeschooling Goals:

  • Document homeschooling details more regularly

Lifestyle Goals:

  • Continue daily yoga, work up to a handstand
  • Add in more walking once we’re in the house
  • Work up to holding plank pose for 2 minutes
  • More veggies, less sugar

Cooking Goals:

  • Learn how to make the heart-shaped latte art
  • Learn how to poach eggs
  • Make croissants

Family Goals:

  • Go camping for a weekend in the summer
  • Spend a weekend away to celebrate our 11th anniversary

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