House Update #27: We’re here!

Things have been crazy in this push to finish the house. The great news is that we are actually living here now. We got our temporary occupancy permit in June so we’ve been here a little over a month. It’s been amazing! The house isn’t finished yet; I have a minimal kitchen and we only have one bathtub but it’s so wonderful to actually be living here after 3 years of planning and working. We still have a decent amount of stuff to do: finish the kitchen, master bathroom, cabinets all over the house, baseboards and other trim, and unpack a lot of boxes. But we still have tons of help from family and friends, so it’s going pretty well. Here are some pictures:


Work-in-progress kitchen with furniture-moving pads on the floor and cabinets with temporary countertops.
My dad, Big Man, and his dad after building and installing the huge cabinet above the fridge.
Master bath tub
Big Man is making all the door trim and baseboards from left over blue-stain pine.
My mom found this awesome swingset for us from Craigslist
Main living room coming together
Kids’ pool on the back deck
The pantry shelves Big Man built
Awesome dining room table my mom found on Craigslist
One of our daily visitors. Little Lady has named her “Bobbi the Deer.”


Thanks for following along with us and for all your help and encouragement! We’re excited to be done soon (finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel) and looking forward to having family and friends over to enjoy the house.


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