Goals for 2016

Yes, it’s a week late but I have finally come up with my goals for this year! I have to say, I didn’t do all that well with my goals from last year. The house pretty much swallowed up most of my time, energy, and motivation, not to mention our finances last year. But we’re … More Goals for 2016

Ten Years

Yesterday Big Man and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary. Our “big” celebration will be this weekend when kids spend a couple nights with the grandparents and we get to do things like eat at a restaurant without playplace and see a movie that doesn’t star a loud, musical princess and go about our lives without the … More Ten Years

My 31st Birthday

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything about our life outside the house project. Probably because it feels like the house is dominating our family’s life right now: our time, our schedules, our finances, nearly all our capacity for decision making. But this post is not about the house, it’s about my birthday! … More My 31st Birthday

Little Man Turns 5

A couple weeks ago was Little Man’s 5th birthday. I can’t believe my sweet little son is not so little anymore. Of course, I don’t know if I can call him little when he is 2/3 my height! My mom always says the smallest person is the one in charge, and with the way the … More Little Man Turns 5

Goals for 2015

It’s the middle of January already, but I’ve decided on my goals for this year. I did fairly well on my list from last year, but the biggest failure was not completing Little Lady’s Christmas stocking. That’s definitely at the top of the list for this year. Of course the house project is a big … More Goals for 2015