Eggs for Dinner

A.K.A. “Basque Pipérade with eggs.” Yes, another recipe post. I made this dish for dinner this week and it was so yummy that I wanted to make sure I wrote it down for future reference. I’m always up for new ways to eat breakfast-y things like eggs for dinner. A few years ago I saw a … More Eggs for Dinner

Garlic Knots

Things have been busy here! Little Man had his second birthday party this past weekend and loved every minute of it. Rainbow cupcakes, balloons, gifts, and tons of love and attention; what’s not to love? He is talking more and more, learning to kick a soccer ball, and rocking his new “big boy” haircut. Little … More Garlic Knots

Berry Pie Bars

My maternal grandmother was a master baker. She loved baking and was very good at it.  During the holidays she baked pies to give away as gifts.  Not just a few pies for family members and maybe the postman.  No, we’re talking 50+ pies at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  And those were 100% homemade from scratch, … More Berry Pie Bars