Thankfulness Day 9

Today I am thankful for the internet. I know it sounds cheesy, but I am. I’m thankful for the many blogs I read that inspire me in my marriage, my mommyhood, and my cooking. I’m thankful for things like email and Facebook that make it so easy to stay in touch with friends and family. Pinterest is just fun. And Big Man and I really enjoy our Netflix subscription. I know there’s a lot of bad stuff out there on the internet, but there are good things too, and I’m very thankful for all those good parts of the internet.

Sample Saturday

Good Morning and Happy November! Here’s this week’s (belated) post roundup.

Kisses and Kiddos

Joy: Transforming a Fumbling Faith – I really enjoyed this post from The Daily Stumbler. It is a great look at Biblical joy while still being full of honesty and practical experience.

60 Lessons I Learned from My Parents – An inspirational list from the Becoming Minimalist blog.

Entering the Quiet: A Limited Curiosity – This is a challenging perspective on being good stewards of our thoughts, especially in this time when it is so easy to find information about anything and everything. (From The Romantic Vineyard)


Pumpkin Fritters with Cinnamon Glaze – I made these fantastic treats the very same day I saw the post at Vanilla Sugar. And then Big Man and I ate them all. They are amazing. Seriously.

Chicken and Chilies White Cream Soup – This hearty soup from Shugary Sweets looks like a perfect dinner for a cold autumn night.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cupcakes – The classic flavor combo in a cute little cupcake package, from Two Peas & Their Pod.

Sweet Potato Biscuits with Chorizo Gravy – An interesting take on the traditional breakfast from Cook Like a Champion. Bonus points for using sweet potato in a wold filled with pumpkin recipes!

Just for Fun and Giggles

Fact-Checking the Pastor – A fun guest post over at Stuff Christians Like.

And there’s this (poor dinosaurs):

Enjoy your weekend!

NaBloPoMo is Here!

NaBloPoMo November 2012

So apparently November is NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month). I kinda remember hearing about this last November but totally forgot until today when I started seeing “NaBloPoMo” everywhere. It seems like one of the ways bloggers celebrate NaBloPoMo is committing to write (at least) one post per day in the month of November. My first thought was to choose not to participate. Let’s face it: over the last couple months I’ve barely been posting once a week.

But then I started seeing something else about November: it’s Thankfulness Month. I don’t really know how or where this started, though I assume it is based on the fact that American Thanksgiving is in November. Regardless, what better way to celebrate Thankfulness Month and NaBloPoMo than to combine them?! So, I’m committing to posting at least once per day throughout November, writing about something for which I am thankful. I am trying to be reasonable with this and not over-commit, so some posts might just be a sentence or two long. And I’m OK with that.

I’m excited about this for 2 reasons: 1) it’s always good to take a minute and focus on the blessings I have rather than dwelling on things I don’t have, and 2) I’ve been lazy with my blog recently and I know disciplining myself to post once a day will be a good challenge.

Since today is already the 2nd and I didn’t post yesterday, I’ll conclude with two things for which I am thankful:

I’m thankful that our family is generally healthy. Even though we have been dealing with various colds and minor fevers in the last few weeks, we’ve never had any serious medical conditions and the Little Ones are ill only rarely.

I’m thankful that it’s November! To me, November 1st officially kicks off the Holiday Season. I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas, to lots of good food and fun times spent with family and friends. I’m thankful that the Little Man is old enough to start understanding the holidays and their meaning and Little Lady is old enough to participate in the excitement.

That’s it for now! I’ll be back tomorrow with Day 3 of Thankfulness, and Sample Saturday later on in the day.

Sample Saturday

Good Morning! Here’s this week’s post roundup.

Kisses and Kiddos

10 Energy Chargers for Moms – A good list pf practical and simple tips from The Confident Mom

Flat Chests, Body Issues, and Feeling Sexy – The most balanced, practical, and honest discussion about this “hot button” issue that I’ve ever seen from a Christian source. This Hot, Holy, and Humorous post is well worth the read.

I’m Grateful – A great reminder from The Generous Wife to be intentionally thankful.


Mini Pepperoni Pizza Bread Bowls – I really like these cute personal-sized pizza bowls. A great way to jazz up pizza night from The Foodie Bride.

Mini Apple Pie Cheesecakes – And you can continue the “mini” theme with these cute little desserts from Shutterbean.

Killer Artichoke Bread – That tasty artichoke dip in bread form. Thank you, Girl Who Ate Everything, for this awsomeness.

Coffee and Doughnuts Milkshake – Pure decadence from How Sweet It Is.

Just for Fun and Giggles

Steampunk Pumpkins! – A fun roundup of gears and metal and clockwork and robot pumpkins. (from EPBOT)

The Ultimate Zombie Preparation Guide – So, I’m not really into the whole “prepare for the zombie apocalypse” thing, but some people *cough* Big Man *cough* are and if you know people like that you can share this with them. The guide is funny and entertaining regardless of your level of zombie “appreciation.” (from GeekTyrant)

In preparation for Halloween:

from *Very Clean* Funny Pics

Enjoy your weekend!

Sample Saturday

Good Morning! I know I’ve missed the last couple Saturdays, so here’s a roundup of my favorite posts from the last couple weeks.

Kisses and Kiddos

Household Schedules for Pathetic Schedulers – I really love this encouraging and practical advice from the Home Sanctuary blog.

We are All Minimizing Something – A straight-talk, thought-provoking post from the Becoming Minimalist blog.

I Smile When your Kid Misbehaves – I’m a big fan of the honesty, encouragement, and grace consistently displayed at the Hopeful Future blog.

Create Your Own Storybook – A fun and romantic idea in this Guest Post on the Happy Wives Club blog.

The Myth of Doing it All – A great reality check about time management from The Confident Mom. (This is part of a whole series Susan is doing on time management for moms)

How We Want to Come Home – A good message about grace in this “Serious Wednesday” post from Stuff Christians Like.

Deal with Yourself – A very challenging post from The Generous Wife (part of Lori’s 13-day series on marriage lessons she has learned).


Creamy Pumpkin Pasta with Parmesan and Sage – Yes, the internet is overflowing with zillions of pumpkin recipes right now, but there aren’t many savory pumpkin dishes out there. This pasta from Bake Your Day looks easy and tasty.

Apple Cider Waffles – I love waffles, and this version from Add a Pinch looks like the perfect start to a weekend morning.

Loaded Baked Potato Soup – Pink Parsley’s recipe for this classic soup is a slow-cooker version, and sounds like the perfect dinner for a cool autumn evening.

Coffee BBQ Sauce – The Tasty Kitchen Blog has a step-by-step recipe for this unique homemade condiment.

Apple Fritter Cake – The Cookies & Cups blog features all the flavors of the breakfast pastry in cake form (and no deep-frying!)

Orange Margarita – I don’t think it’s possible to have too many different flavors of homemade fruity cocktails and this drink from the Foodie Bride looks like a great one to add to the list.

Chocolate Cream Filled Vanilla Sugar Doughnuts – WOW. Joy the Baker is awesome.

Spiked S’Mores Pie – A stunningly beautiful dessert from Sprinkle Bakes

Just for Fun and Giggles

Why do People Think Christians are Crazy Online? – Just. Stop. Please. (post from SCL)

11 Essential DIY Pumpkin-Carving Hacks – Some of these are pretty clever. (via Buzzfeed)

And, for your weekly overdose of cuteness:

via *Very Clean* Funny Pics

Enjoy your weekend!

Sample Saturday

Good Morning! Here’s this week’s post roundup.

Kisses and Kiddos

Why I Don’t Use the Words “Help Meet” – A “rant” from The Generous Wife on the common “Christian misapplications” of a woman’s role.

Budget is The New Black – This post from The Meat and Potatoes of Life talks about style, minivans, budgeting, and SUVs with a great sense of humor and honesty.

Measuring Marriage Maturity – A short-and-sweet post from The Romantic Vineyard with a very interesting perspective on marriage maturity.

Should You Limit your Child’s Reading Choices? – A thought-provoking post and a whole comment section full of good discussion from Carrots for Michaelmas.


Fried Guacamole – There really are no words for the awesomeness that is this Joy the Baker recipe.

Apple Crisp Pizza – This dessert pizza from The Girl Who Ate Everything looks like a perfect fall treat.

Tilapia with Browned Butter and Lemon Sauce – A light and fresh seafood dish from Add a Pinch.

How to Make Puff Pastry – Yet another kitchen staple I can now DIY instead of purchase, thanks to Annie’s Eats!

Just for Fun and Giggles

What Would you Spray Paint on this Dumpster? – Classic Stuff Christians Like. The post is funny (seriously, what kind of church does this?), and then there’s even more humor in the comments. Enjoy!

And, you’ll never think of it that same way again. . .

from *Very Clean* Funny Pics

Enjoy your weekend!

Sample Saturday

Sorry I’m a day late with this post. Sometimes life just takes over, y’know? Anyway, here’s this week’s post roundup.

Kisses and Kiddos

How to Read the Bible Every Day – I really like the honest, down-to-earth approach towards Bible Study in this post from The Daily Stumbler.

There’s no Paycheck for Motherhood – An excellent post about the value of being a homemaker from Carrots for Michaelmas.

It’s a Choice – “How we act is a choice.” Truth from The Generous Wife.

I Don’t Wait Anymore – This post from Grace for the Road is refreshingly honest and very profound as it tackles the shortcomings of “purity pledges.”


Caramel Apple Popcorn – This treat from Cookies & Cups looks like the perfect autumn treat!

Maple Blueberry Breakfast Sausage – Homemade sausage has been on my “must try” list for a long time, and now I have a step-by-step recipe for inspiration, thanks to the Tasty Kitchen Blog. Plus, maple and blueberry, what could be better?

Butter Cake with Salted Caramel Frosting – Well, I usually fall for pretty much anything with “salted caramel” in the title, but combine that with something called “butter cake” and I’m a lost cause. This recipe from Add a Pinch totally jumped to the top of my “to make” list.

Slow Cooker Cashew Chicken – I really enjoy finding slow cooker recipes that go beyond the usual “cream of something soup” flavors, and this dish from The Girl who Ate Everything looks fantastic!

Just for Fun and Giggles

One Letter Removed Movie Posters – This collection of fake movie posters from GeekTyrant has some really fun art! I think my favorite is “Jurassic Ark.”

And finally, poor whale:

From 9GAG via Pinterest

Enjoy your weekend!