Eggs for Dinner

A.K.A. “Basque Pipérade with eggs.” Yes, another recipe post. I made this dish for dinner this week and it was so yummy that I wanted to make sure I wrote it down for future reference. I’m always up for new ways to eat breakfast-y things like eggs for dinner. A few years ago I saw a … More Eggs for Dinner

Spaghetti Bolognese

I haven’t posted a recipe here in forever, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been cooking. I’ve been (lazily) archiving a lot of my cooking adventures in Pinterest, linking the original recipe and making my own notes in the pin comments. But I’d like to get back to writing up the recipes I really love so … More Spaghetti Bolognese

Goals for 2015

It’s the middle of January already, but I’ve decided on my goals for this year. I did fairly well on my list from last year, but the biggest failure was not completing Little Lady’s Christmas stocking. That’s definitely at the top of the list for this year. Of course the house project is a big … More Goals for 2015

Small Steps to Big Changes: Stocking the Pantry

Here’s to another Small Steps toward Big Changes! You can read the other posts in the series here. Today we’re taking a Small Step approach to stocking the pantry with healthy, Real Food staples. Small Step: Slowly replace processed and “fake” foods with the real thing and stock the pantry with Real Food essentials. Why: We’ve already … More Small Steps to Big Changes: Stocking the Pantry

Sample Saturday

*****In case you haven’t heard, Google Reader is shutting down in a few months. I’ve moved over to bloglovin’ as my RSS feed reader, and they have a really quick process for transferring all your subscriptions from Google Reader. If you want to continue receiving my posts after Google Reader shuts down, please consider following … More Sample Saturday