The Schoolroom

Big Man and I are planning to homeschool our Little Ones, but that won’t “officially” start for another couple years. Meanwhile, this section is where I keep all my at-home-learning posts, including book reviews, DIY projects, and kid-friendly crafts.

Kids TV Shows that Won’t Make you Want to Throw your TV Through the Wall

Book Reviews

Big Man and I are both avid readers, and we hope to instill that same love of books in Little Man and Little Lady. Our Little Ones are currently in the picture book phase, but in just a few years they’ll be old enough to appreciate having books read to them, and then to start reading on their own. I think one of the best ways to encourage reading is to make sure the kids have access to lots of good stories.  And while there are some very good stories in the literature world, there are also a lot of mediocre books. In hopes of creating a list of great stories to pick from when our Little Ones are ready, I’ve decided to write reviews of the books I read and enjoy. I want to be able to remember the pros and cons of the storyline as well as the “maturity” level of each book. And I’ll be posting my reviews here in case they are useful to any other parents out there.


I have very few craft skills, but there are a few DIY projects I’ve successfully completed!  They are posted here.


Comments are welcome, please participate!

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